We are hiring new Postdoctoral Research Fellows! Join our fun and productive team at SFU in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. 

Reach out to Dr. Britton via email (rbritton@sfu.ca) if interested! Underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

Welcome! We are a natural products research group at Simon Fraser University focusing on organic synthesis and methodology development.

Recent News

April 2024

  • Congratulations to Suping for being awarded a Summer 2024 Conference Travel Award! 

March 2024

  • Congratulations to Darryl, Daniel, and our collaborators on their recent publication "Targeted sampling of natural product space to identify bioactive natural product-like ppolyketide macrolides" in Nature Communications! A huge amount of effort was poured into this project, well done! 
  • Congratulations to Darryl for his recent publication on the "Enantioselective total synthesis of marine macrolides Salarins A and C" in JACS! Go check it out! 

February 2024 

  • Congratulations to Suping for winning the SFU Chemistry Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition! Your presentation on the synthesis of bridged nucleoside analogues was excellent! 
  • Congratulations to former group members Dr. Anthony McDonagh and Victoria Rose for their recent publication "sp3-Rich Heterocycle Synthesis on DNA: Application to DNA-Encoded Library Production" in Angewandte Chemie Internation Edition!

November 2023 

  • Many group members enjoyed attending BSOC 2023 in Banff earlier this month, representing the group and SFU well with their poster and oral presentations. Congratulations to Guillermo, Callum, and Minh for winning prizes for their oral and poster presentations. Excellent work! 

October 2023 

  • Huge congratulations to Dr. Anthony McDonagh for securing a job as Associate Scientist in Chemistry at Abdera Therapeutics! 

September 2023 

  • A very warm welcome to new graduate students Makenzy, Ethan, and William who started in the lab this FALL semester. We hope you've settled in well and enjoy the beginning of your graduate student journey! 

July 2023 

  • We're pleased to announce a new collaboration with BC Cancer and TRIUMF for the development of a novel PET tracer. Thanks to CPDC and adMare_Bio for funding this exciting research! 

June 2023 

  • Well done to all of the group members who gave excellent presentations at CSC 2023 in Vancouver this month! The Britton lab was represented well and it was a great experience learning about the research of other groups around Canada, USA, and the rest of the world. 

May 2023 

  • Congratulations to Cohan for his first-author publication on the 'Efficient protocol for the preparation of α-heteroaryl acetaldehydes' in CJC! Many other team members collaborated on this work too, well done all! 

April 2023 

  • Congratulations to Suping and Carolyn for being awarded with a Summer Graduate Fellowship! Way to go! 
  • Our paper on the formal synthesis of Eribulin was published in Nature Communications! Congrats to current post-doc Guillermo and former graduate students Anissa and Dimitrios! 

March 2023

  • Congratulations to Damian and his presentation "From Corals to Medicines - Nature's Molecular Gifts" for a 2nd place finish in SFU's 3-minute thesis competition! 

February 2023

  • Congratulations to Alan for being one of the winners in the 2023 Graduate Oral Competition! Enjoy your conference/travel prize! 

Support and Funding 

Thank you to the numerous funding agencies which have supported our research over the years ...